Service Plan

Please have a look at our service plans so you can decide which level of service you require.
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Service Plan Bronze Silver Gold
Fit Protective Cover
Check condition of the number plates, exterior mirrors and trim
Check correct clutch operation
Check and top up as appropriate under bonnet fluids
Carry out battery and alternator checks
Carry out brake fluid test and report
Check and top up gear box and differentials oil
Replace engine oil and filter (special oil may affect price)
Check operation of exterior lights and horn
Check condition of PAS, auxiliary and fan belts -
Check condition and operation of washer and wiper blades -
Check and record anti freeze level -
Check and report on condition and operation of front brakes -
Check and report on the condition and operation of the rear brakes -
Check exhaust system for security and leaks -
Check all steering and suspension for condition and security -
Check all mountings and gators for condition and security -
Check all mountings and gators for condition and security -
Check and report the condition of all tyres including the spare -
Adjust tyre pressures as required -
Check operation and travel of the hand brake -
Stamp customers service book -
Replace spark plug - -
Replace air filter - -
Check operation of the throttle cable and lubricate as required - -
Visually inspect HT leads and report the conditions - -
Check the security of fuel lines, brake lines and hand brake cables - -
Check condition of windscreen and security of the rear view mirror - -
Carry out an underbody inspection - -
Check and report condition of wheel bearings - -
Lubricate all under bonnet latches - -
Check operation of all interior warning lamps - -
Check engine and gearbox mounts for wear - -
Carry out suspension bounce test - -
Reset service lights - -
Replace pollen/cabin filter - -
Replace fuel filter - -
Lubricate all door latches and locks as required - -
Check operation of all interior switches - -
Check condition and security of the fuel cap - -
Test starter motor cranking and operation and security - -
Visually inspect radiator and pipes for security and leaks - -
Check cooling fan for operation - -
Carry out a road test - -